Social Media

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Make sure your digital communications still reflect what prospects should know.

You probably know your business strengths better than anyone else, but sharing them successfully online may not be one of your skills. Let us update your website, and then coordinate the social media platforms you use to maintain a consistent, attractive image in your market.

We can do Facebook and Twitter updates that you don’t have time to do.  Updates, preferably with images, are great ways to share events that you sponsor or new services that you offer.  We can attend events for you, take photos, deepen their impact with captions, and post them quickly. Or, we can teach you how to make your own engaging posts. Check the Testimonials tab to see what Bob Rotanz of Mac and Bob's restaurant said about teaching his execs to publish their own posts on Facebook and Twitter.    

We can also strengthen your LinkedIn presence - your profile,  participation in industry discussion groups, and sharing of relevant content that builds your image as an expert.  We are experienced in talking to company executives and turning their wise words into publishable content.

Last but not least, we manage professional photo shoots that provide the visuals you need for effective online marketing.